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El Nino Water Temperatures 2023-2024

Wetter Than Expected: Impact on Australian Agriculture 2023-2024

Coming off a record hot and dry spring, a dry Australian summer made sense to everyone - including weather forecasters! With an El Niño rapidly showing signs of forming after three summers in a row of...

Micro-entrepreneurship concept lightbulbs

Values and Vision – The ClimateAi Culture Catalyst Series: Unlocking Innovation with Micro-Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the "Values and Vision - The ClimateAi Culture Catalyst Series." This new blog series celebrates the essence of ClimateAi's ethos, delving into our core values such as Trust, Transparency, Customer...

Map of 2024 Cold in Europe

Winter Weather in Europe- How Will Planting be Affected?

Compared to last year, winter weather in Europe is starting off 2024 wet with heavier snow returning to the Alps and periods of heavy rain to France, Germany and southern England. Colder temperatures have...

Could El Niño Affect the Price of Your Favorite Hot Sauce?

Red-hot chilis may make you think of one of your favorite bands from the late 90s, but the red jalapeño, a main ingredient in some hot sauces, is struggling amidst a shortage of rain starting from early-2023...

sabi climateai

Highlights of Our Conversations at ClimateAi Interview with Agronomist Sabi Ibarra Guerrero

In this interview with Sabi Ibarra Guerrero, an agronomist at ClimateAi, she provides insightful perspectives on the intersection of agriculture, technology, and sustainability. Sabi's background in agronomic...

climate strategy

Building Climate Resilience in Your Business: A Three-Step Approach

As the hottest year on record comes to a close, and the United States alone has witnessed 25 confirmed weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each, it's clear that climate...

soybean growing climate change impact

The Curious Case of Soybeans: Sowing Resilience Against Climate Challenges With Technology

In the vast realm of agriculture, the trajectory of soybeans stands out. These small beans, innocuous at first glance, represent a global phenomenon: the struggle between nature's unpredictable forces...

himanshu gupta, climate ai ceo, top 100 in ai

ClimateAi CEO Himanshu Gupta Named Among Insider’s Top 100 in AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) has become a bigger part of the global conversation, it’s raised new hype, hopes, and worries. Insider’s tech team embarked on a mission to identify the trailblazers...

Innovation Technology For Smart Farm System Agriculture Management Hand Holding

Farm Management: Unleashing the Power of Agriculture Software

The problems faced by farmers today are nowhere near similar to those of centuries past. Yes, droughts and floods have always been a risk, but never at such a level. Globalization and the innate interconnectedness...

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