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A field irrigation sprinkler system waters rows of lettuce crops on farmland in the Salinas Valley of central California, in Monterey County, on a partly cloudy day in spring.

Get ahead of tomorrow’s extreme weather events today

Optimize in-season and seasons-ahead decisions, with enhanced visibility into the impacts of extreme weather and climate changes, customized for your crops and locations — for everyone from seed producers to growers to sourcing teams


ClimateAi’s climate resilience platform was custom-built for agriculture to contain all weather and climate variables of interest, including ag-specific parameters like Growing Degree Days (GDD) and Chill Hours, from 1 hour to 100 years out, via our dashboard or directly ingested via API




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Industry-Leading Food & Ag Companies

Providing Climate Insights Across the Agriculture Value Chain

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Top Solutions for Agribusiness

Production and Operations

  • Increase climate resiliency and sustainable agricultural production through climate forecasts linked to metrics you care about: yield and quality
  • Co-innovate your forecasts with our team of experts to forecast the weather and climate variables you care most about, from dozens of agriculture-specific parameters like Growing Degree Days and Chill Hours
  • Get weeks or months ahead forecasts with actionable alerts for risks that may disrupt your operations, to inform management decisions, avoid devastating loss events, and capture opportunities
  • Assess shifts in site suitability across multiple climate scenarios and time scales by identifying emerging analog locations
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Farmer spraying vegetable green plants in the garden with herbicides, pesticides or insecticides

Sourcing and Procurement (For Seed, Processor/Packer, and Agri-Chemicals)

  • For the season ahead, manage short-term supply in key regions with AI-enhanced yield outlooks for any crop
  • Make climate-informed contracting decisions with insights into agriculture-specific risks to production
  • For the long term, assess current and emerging sourcing regions amid changing climate conditions to plan for future infrastructure and network partner needs
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Demand Planning

  • Optimize global product placement strategy through a deep understanding of climate risks in your target markets
  • Enhance visibility into supply with crop yield and quality forecasts, on annual and long-term bases, even for speciality crops
  • Inform your sales strategy by forecasting climate events – and end customer demand – in areas with unique pressures, from droughts to hurricanes to pest/disease outbreaks
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Serious young Caucasian farmer or agronomist standing in ripe wheat field beneath center pivot irrigation system and using a tablet at sunset

Water Risk

  • Assess water resource and water availability for key groundwater and surface water resources
  • Get useful seasonal forecasts or accessible water year overviews of water availability that can inform planning decisions for the upcoming year
  • Leverage deep insights from our team of hydrologic and climate experts who specialize in your industry to determine your most effective actions
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"The ClimateAi forecast indicated an imminent rainfall event in a key sorghum growing region in Northern New South Wales. We were able to move inventory into this region in advance, and as a result, we believe we potentially captured an additional 5-10% in sales.

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Barry Croker, Managing Director, Pacific Seeds

Act Now

Get visibility into emerging risks, from one day to one year out, so your team on the ground can get actionable recommendations

Plan for the Future

Understand how crop suitability is evolving and identify optimal climates for production, from ten to fifty years out.

Discover Opportunities

Find the next best growing location based on multiple climate scenarios and time scales.

Success Stories

Gold Wheat Field And Blue Sky. Sustainable Agriculture, climate proof business.

Case Study

ClimateAi Helps Advanta Climate-Proof its Business from End-to-End

See how ClimateAi helped this leading Australian seed company battle climate change-fueled weather variability.

Green leak onions farm field mitigating climate risk for BASF Case study.

Case Study

Assessing Current and Future Climate Risks–at a Fraction of the Time and Cost

A large multinational corporation with 11 divisions, including agricultural solutions, was noticing an increase in climate volatility.