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Get ahead of tomorrow’s extreme weather events today

Start building climate resilience today with the only platform custom-built for agriculture, with an extensive crop library, customizable risk and hazard profiles, and more


ClimateAi is the only climate resilience platform that was custom-built for agriculture, with all weather and climate variables of interest, including ag-specific parameters like Growing Degree Days (GDD) and Chill Hours, via our dashboard or directly ingested via API




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Industry-Leading Food & Ag Companies

Providing Climate Insights Across the Agriculture Value Chain

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Act Now

Get visibility from one day to one year out so your team on the ground can get actionable recommendations

Plan for the Future

Understand how crop suitability is evolving and identify optimal climates for production, from ten to fifty years out

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Discover Opportunities

Identify new locations to grow your current crops based on emerging climate conditions

In late 2020 the ClimateAi forecast indicated an imminent rainfall event in a key sorghum growing region in Northern New South Wales. We were able to move inventory into this region in advance, and as a result, we believe we potentially captured an additional 5-10% in sales.

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Barry Croker, Managing Director, Pacific Seeds

Top Solutions for Agriculture

Research and Development

  • Identify optimal global locations for seed production, R&D trials, or product placement
  • Understand the changing needs of your customers and ensure you are developing the right seed varieties to make them climate resilient.
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Demand Planning

  • Optimize global production strategy through a deep understanding of climate risks in your target markets
  • Inform your sales strategy by forecasting precipitation–and end customer demand–in dryland areas or pest and disease pressure in affected regions
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  • Forecast all weather and climate variables of interest, including agriculture-specific parameters like Growing Degree Days and Chill Hours, via our dashboard or directly ingested via API
  • Increase climate resiliency and sustainable agricultural production through climate forecasts linked to metrics you care about: yield and quality
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Sales and Marketing

  • Leverage seasonal forecasts to place the right product in the right geography at the right time
  • Have better informed customer conversations and more targeted marketing messaging by anticipating customer needs around key weather events
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Success Stories

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Case Study

ClimateAi Helps Advanta Climate-Proof its Business from End-to-End

See how ClimateAi helped this leading Australian seed company battle climate change-fueled weather variability.

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Case Study

Assessing Current and Future Climate Risks–at a Fraction of the Time and Cost

A large multinational corporation with 11 divisions, including agricultural solutions, was noticing an increase in climate volatility.