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From farm to table, from watershed to bottle, manage environmental threats across your supply chain

Optimize your operations, sourcing, procurement, and demand planning with strategic climate and water risk insights


Providing Climate Insights Across the Food & Beverage Value Chain

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ClimateAi is the only end-to-end solution that provides climate and exposure insights, water risk support, and decision tools customized for food & beverage companies




Locations Climate-Proofed



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Understand Climate-Driven Demand

Get visibility from one day to one year out so you can optimize your demand planning, sourcing, and contracting

Manage Risk

Discover key agronomic and water risks for future growing and siting regions to optimize long-term investments and strategy

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Get End-to-End Visibility into Possible Hazards

Automate report generation on exposure to various climate hazards with one click

ClimateAi has helped us build a quantifiable basis from which to start considering adaptation strategies. These measures will always cost money, but the platform is starting to help us justify the cost and give us visibility into the business and financial impacts.

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Dave Whittleston, the Director of Sustainability & Analytics at The Wonderful Company

Top Solutions for Food & Beverage

Potato harvest resilient supply chain. Food and Beverage sourcing.

Sourcing & Supply Chain

  • Uncover key commodity and water risks for future growing regions to determine the best future sourcing footprint
  • Understand global commodity risk based on extreme weather and water to optimize sourcing and contracting with pre-built business metrics for your asset types
  • Automate the identification of future nodes in your supply chain
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Demand Planning

  • Optimize global production strategy through a deep understanding of climate risks in your target markets
  • Support your sales and marketing team to optimize forecasting with our short-term forecasts
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A wheat field with grain silos for storage. Wheat production with sustainable agriculture.


  • Forecast all weather and climate variables of interest, including agriculture-specific parameters like Growing Degree Days and Chill Hours, via our dashboard or directly ingested via API
  • Increase climate resiliency and sustainable agricultural production through decision tools and alerts to link forecast insights to operational decision making
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Sales and Marketing

  • Leverage seasonal forecasts to place the right product in the right geography at the right time
  • Have better informed customer conversations and more targeted marketing messaging by anticipating customer needs around key weather events
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Success Stories

Gold Wheat Field And Blue Sky. Sustainable Agriculture, climate proof business.

Case Study

ClimateAi Helps Advanta Climate-Proof its Business from End-to-End

See how ClimateAi helped this leading Australian seed company battle climate change-fueled weather variability.

Wonderful Case Study webinar

Downloadable Content

Webinar: The Wonderful Company

See how The Wonderful Company uses climate intelligence to derisk their supply chains