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Optimize operational decisions with granular, customizable climate and water forecasts

Leverage ag-specific forecasting and decision tools that link extreme weather to key tactical actions around what, where, when, and how to grow — to protect yield and save on costs


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Common Production & Operations Challenges

  • The past is no longer a reliable predictor of the future, and long-term forecasts lack an integration of emerging climate trends
  • There’s a lack of actionable insights for agribusinesses and farmers that enable them to act on climate risk and identify pre-season and in-season management opportunities
  • Traditional forecasts lack visibility into disruptive extreme weather events and can’t translate them into meaningful information in terms of potential yield and associated costs impacts

ClimateAi’s industry-leading ClimateLens climate resilience platform has 20-50% better forecast accuracy than other publicly available models, helping customers optimize operational decision-making with more reliable, actionable insights.

Optimize Your Operations with Seasonal Weather Insights

wheat iconAgribusiness: Forecast risk probabilities on daily, weekly, and monthly bases to optimize on-the-ground operational strategies for the upcoming season

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food & beverage iconFood & Beverage: Get visibility into the climate risks that matter most to the places and people you source from

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government iconOther Industries: Identify and mitigate emerging physical risks to infrastructure and production, to ensure asset security and supply availability

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ClimateAi Helps Advanta Climate-Proof its Business from End-to-End

Leading Australian seed company Advanta Seeds was experiencing climate change-fueled weather variability, which was hurting its seed production.

It was looking for a seasonal tool that would cover both planning and in-season monitoring, and wanted a partner that understood the industry and could offer flexibility, rather than an out-of-the-box product.

Read about how ClimateAi’s forecasts and insights helped Advanta prevent losses of between hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, in just one season.

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