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ClimateLens™: The World’s First Enterprise Climate Resilience Platform

ClimateAi goes beyond reporting to provide accurate insights and actionable recommendations to adapt your entire business to increasingly volatile conditions


The ClimateLens platform combines AI, advanced machine learning, and data points from multiple sources to generate actionable insights. The technology helps businesses and governments to adapt their operations and supply chains, as well as to identify opportunities, such as new locations for climate-smart expansion or increased demand for weather-dependent goods.

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Which ClimateLens Product is
Right For You?


Get day-to-day and weeks ahead forecasts for operational decision making

Timescale: 1-6 Months


Identify risks and opportunities in your supply chain caused by future climate scenarios

Timescale: 10+ Years


Support business continuity and compliance by identifying climate hazards

Timescale: 10+ Years


Get short and long term insights across your business for a combination of operations and strategy

Timescale: 1-6 Months, 10 + Years

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Why use an enterprise climate resilience platform?

Develop a company-wide strategy that is more resilient to climate changes

Identify climate-related opportunities earlier than your competitors

Anticipate demand and optimize product placement with first-of-its-kind seasonal and weekly forecasting

Build an action plan to address risks and protect investments across your supply chain and portfolio