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Agritech on-farm. Image via Shutterstock/metamorworks.

How Agriculture Technology Can Shape The Future of Farming

Agritech, short for agricultural technology, enables those involved in farming and cultivation to make smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable choices. From the use of GMOs to satellite imaging to...

climateai series b fundraise announcement

Announcing ClimateAi’s $22M Series B Funding to Accelerate Climate Resilience Globally

Today, we’re excited to announce a significant achievement for ClimateAi: the successful closing of our Series B fundraising round. This milestone takes us one step closer to achieving our mission of...

Himanshu Gupta on the Climate Question

How ClimateAi Helps Farmers Adapt on BBC World Service Podcast, The Climate Question

Today, the impacts of climate change are inescapable. One of the places in which these impacts are already being felt — with some of the most potentially devastating consequences on life as we know it...

times best invention screenshot

ClimateAi’s Platform Announced as One of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022

TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022 list, featuring 200 extraordinary innovations changing our lives, featured ClimateAi’s Forecasting Platform.

wonderful supply chain featured image

How The Wonderful Company Uses ClimateAi to De-Risk Its Supply Chains

Business leaders from The Wonderful Company and ClimateAi described climate intelligence can manage climate-related risks in supply chains and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Himanshu Gupta on Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions podcast: How ClimateAi’s technology can help ‘climate-proof’ our climate change future

Millions of people worldwide are already experiencing the impacts of climate change in their daily lives. Consider: New data shows that Greenland temperatures are the warmest they've been in over 1,000...

farmer with soil

The Importance of Soil Sustainability to Our Future

Soil is more than “dirt:” It consists of mineral particles, organic materials, air, water, and living organisms — all of which interact slowly yet constantly. Formed from the weathering of rocks,...

Table Setting at Goals House

From Heat to Too-Sweet: Tasting the Wines of the Future at Davos

Every wine lover — or any layperson who has been to a wine tasting — knows how sensitive wine grapes are. They react quickly and drastically to the world around them: Good or bad weather conditions...

agriculture field growing crops farming

The Importance of Water Management in Agriculture and Our Future

Water is the most precious resource on Earth. From its role in our ecosystems and health to its uses in industry and agriculture, humans, plants, and animals all rely on access to clean, safe freshwater...

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