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Teaming to Win

Values and Vision – The ClimateAi Culture Catalyst Series Win It Together: The Importance of Teaming to Win at ClimateAi

As we continue to explore the foundational pillars that define and drive ClimateAi's mission in our Culture Catalyst Series, this third installment spotlights a critical aspect of our ethos: "Teaming to...

MJO Dry Wet Dry Pattern

The MJO: A Climate Supervillian

The Madden Julian Oscillation is just one of many lesser known weather patterns with a global reach. Joining the MJO are the NAO, AO, IOD, SAM, AMO, PDO, EPO, and QBO to name a handful. While knowing the...

Unlocking resilient supply chains

Unlocking Resilient Supply Chains: Suntory’s ClimateAi Strategy

Our warming climate is having a costly impact on the availability of key commodity crops. Have you seen the price of cocoa lately? Fortunately, there are ways to forecast food and beverage supply chain...

Conversations at ClimateAi JP Ruz

Highlights of Our Conversations at ClimateAi Interview with Product Manager Jp Ruz

In our latest edition of "Conversations at ClimateAi," we dive into the journey of Juan Pablo (Jp) Ruz Cuen, whose transition from engineering physics to product management at ClimateAi exemplifies the...

Path of the Eclipse and Storms in North America April 2024

Total Eclipse of the Eclipse?

On April 8th, a total solar eclipse will be visible from northern Mexico to eastern Canada.  Unfortunately for millions of people who want to view the eclipse and are directly in its path, there may be...

El Nino vs La Nina Impact on Australian Crops

Southern Hemisphere Harvest: Navigating Weather Patterns

The Southern Hemisphere Harvest versus El Niño The 2023-2024 harvest has begun and, for many regions in the southern hemisphere, the yields will be low to non-existent. This is because heat and drought...

Generative AI

ClimateAi Has U.S. Patent Granted for GenAI-Based Approach Applied to Weather Forecasting

Patent granted for groundbreaking approach using deep generative models to dramatically improve future climate impact predictions at a local level San Francisco, March 21, 2024 — ClimateAi, a pioneer...

Atmospheric River Development in North America

Vintage Vibes: California Wines, La Niña, and 2024 Weather

A complex wine is said to have many different types of aromas and flavors and several layers of depth. This type of complexity could also be used to describe the climate wine growers find themselves heading...

Corn experiencing drought

Understanding Water Shortage and the Global Water Crisis: 2023-2024 Expectations

If we told you that there is currently a water crisis on our hands, would that surprise you? For those who live in areas where the scarcity of water is not an active concern on a daily basis, you might...

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