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2024 Storm Tracks North America

Leap Year’s Weather History: Jumping to 2024’s Crop Impact

Some folklore says bad weather is worse in leap years. While extreme weather has occurred in previous leap years, there is no scientific connection between the two. Even so, let’s explore the bad weather...

Tomato Harvest

Tomatoes in Turmoil: India’s Climate Challenge

Tomatoes originated in South America, but they have spread to all parts of the world. Where you live will likely determine how you eat them. In Italy, tomatoes are used to make red sauce, in France for...

Soybean Farming

Soybeans: A Case Study in Climate Adaptation

Executive Summary Climate change is accelerating — but its impacts on agriculture are not felt evenly and consistently in every location, by every crop, and in every season. One of the world’s...

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Cocoa Crunch: El Niño’s Impact on Valentine’s Day Treats

On Valentine's Day, nothing says I love you like a heart-shaped box full of chocolates. Unfortunately, thanks to climate change and El Niño this year, costs for boxes of chocolates have nearly doubled...

Conversations at ClimateAi - Diego Alfaro

Highlights of Our Conversations at ClimateAi Interview with Senior Data Scientist Diego Alfaro

In our latest "Conversations at ClimateAi" installment, we sit down with Diego Alfaro, a Senior Data Scientist, to learn more about his journey to shaping climate science through data and technology. From...

US Drought in the Corn Belt

Harvest Havoc: Weather Woes Plague Global Corn Crop

Corn or maize is one of the most prolific crops in the world, second only to sugarcane. China’s production of corn is actually greater than that of its rice production, which may be surprising to some...

Why WEF Davos 24 could be an inflection point for Climate Adaptation

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos. The theme of the year is “Rebuilding Trust,” which comes at a time of extreme conflict and global...

Brazil Soybean Production

Is it “too little, too late” for Brazil’s 2023-2024 soybean harvest?

While rain has been falling on a daily basis across the farming regions of Brazil, the spring drought was so severe that soil moisture levels haven’t come close to recovering. Fig 1. Climate Prediction...

El Nino Water Temperatures 2023-2024

Wetter Than Expected: Impact on Australian Agriculture 2023-2024

Coming off a record hot and dry spring, a dry Australian summer made sense to everyone - including weather forecasters! With an El Niño rapidly showing signs of forming after three summers in a row of...

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