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ClimateAi at Qatar Economic Forum 2024

ClimateAi's CEO, Himanshu Gupta, recently had the honor of attending the fourth Qatar Economic Forum. This year's theme, A World Remade: Navigating the Year of Uncertainty, highlighted emerging shifts...


Values and Vision – The ClimateAi Culture Catalyst Series: Ensuring Success Through Clarity and Collaboration with Over-Communication

In our ongoing series on Vision and Values, we've had a chance to dig into some core values that make ClimateAi successful, like Teaming to Win, Customer Obsession, and Micro-Entrepreneurship. In each...

La Nina Summer Weather Pattern

Grain Sourcing and Climate: What’s Ahead for Oats?

Millions of people’s lives in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) depend on agriculture. In a region that is extremely hot and dry, trying to grow enough food for livestock and people requires a...

Marine Heatwaves

ClimateAi: Ahead of the Curve on Brazil’s Heatwave

May 1st or May Day historically celebrates the coming of summer in the northern hemisphere. This means the southern hemisphere should be approaching winter, but you wouldn’t know it in southern Brazil. “A...

December Global Drought Conditions 2023

Supply Chain Disruptions: Weather Hits Coffee, Cocoa & Olive Oil

What do coffee, cocoa, and olive oil all have in common? You might be able to find them in a fancy coffee or chocolate beverage in some parts of the world, but the more important connection is that they...

Earth Day and Food

Earth Day 2024: Reflections on Climate Shifts Impacting Agriculture

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd to promote good stewardship of the environment. When you think of the environment and ways to protect this vital resource, you might think of pollution from single...

Teaming to Win

Values and Vision – The ClimateAi Culture Catalyst Series Win It Together: The Importance of Teaming to Win at ClimateAi

As we continue to explore the foundational pillars that define and drive ClimateAi's mission in our Culture Catalyst Series, this third installment spotlights a critical aspect of our ethos: "Teaming to...

MJO Dry Wet Dry Pattern

The MJO: A Climate Supervillian

The Madden Julian Oscillation is just one of many lesser known weather patterns with a global reach. Joining the MJO are the NAO, AO, IOD, SAM, AMO, PDO, EPO, and QBO to name a handful. While knowing the...

Unlocking resilient supply chains

Unlocking Resilient Supply Chains: Suntory’s ClimateAi Strategy

Our warming climate is having a costly impact on the availability of key commodity crops. Have you seen the price of cocoa lately? Fortunately, there are ways to forecast food and beverage supply chain...

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