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Artificial Intelligence vs. Climate Change: Which One Is the Bigger Threat to Humanity?

Meredith Mejia • August 8th, 2023.

Himanshu Gupta at Ai vs climate debate screenshot

Artificial intelligence use has skyrocketed, potentially posing harm to people, society, and our way of life — but does it compare to the damage that climate change poses as it accelerates, from rising temperatures to floods, droughts, fires, and famines?

At India Global Forum’s roundtable at London Climate Action Week 2023, ClimateAi’s CEO, Himanshu Gupta, spoke at a town hall that looked to answer this question: “Artificial Intelligence versus Climate Change: Which One Is the Bigger Threat to Humanity?”


Comparing the potential harm posed by artificial intelligence (AI) and climate change is a complex task. They are fundamentally different issues with wide-ranging consequences. Both have the potential to cause significant harm to people, society, and our way of life. But they operate in distinct ways and have different timelines for impact. The severity of their impact depends on many factors, including how technology and policy are developed and implemented to address these challenges. Addressing both issues requires a coordinated effort from governments, industries, researchers, and individuals to ensure a sustainable and equitable future.

In comparing the two, it’s important to note that AI and climate change are not mutually exclusive. They may intersect in various ways, such as using AI to address climate-related challenges, like predicting extreme weather events or optimizing energy consumption.

It’s an important discussion to have.

To debate key issues and answer this question, panelists included:

  • Bim Afolami, Member of Parliament;
  • Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard & Co-Founder,;
  • Priya Guha, Venture Partner, Merian Ventures;
  • Michal Nachmany, Founder and CEO, Climate Policy Radar; and
  • Rachel Everard, Head of Sustainability, Rolls Royce

Watch the full discussion here.

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Image via Shutterstock/metamorworks.

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