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Flooded country road and flooded meadow. Climate risk mitigation

Get Climate Insights Needed to Minimize Risk, Maximize Yield and Improve Quality

Gain visibility into risks weeks ahead so you can take meaningful action


Our AI and machine learning-powered climate resilience platform enables day-to-day and season-ahead operational planning decisions that help your business adapt to weather-related challenges.

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    Understand your risk probabilities with custom, built-in impact functions

  • Where: Identify the right location to plant based on expected climate risk
  • What: Evaluate risk impacts to inform which crops and varieties to plant
  • When: Explore different dates to find the optimal time frame for planting


    Understand and mitigate possible risks to maximize yields with strategies like irrigation, pest control, or frost protection:

  • Risk Insights: Receive critical notifications for hazards such as heat, frost, and pests & disease with auto-calibrated alerts
  • Harvest Optimization: Get insight into weather conditions like growing degree days and precipitation to ensure a productive harvest
  • Configurable Dashboards: See user-specific insights into your operations by crop, location, or portfolio across phenological stages
  • Shareable Reports: Send insights to colleagues via email to drive in-field actions with growers




    Incorporate weather forecasting into product placement and demand planning strategies:

  • Demand Planning: Keep inventory, distribution, and supply chain costs in check​ for weather-dependent goods
  • Product Placement: Optimize for the right geography at the right time​ based on seasonal forecasts
  • Marketing: Optimize spend, offers, and messaging for weather-driven demand by anticipating customer needs around key weather events​

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Why bring weather intelligence to your operations?

Mitigate the effects and losses caused by extreme weather with more accurate forecasting and actionable insights

Optimize product placement with first-of-its-kind seasonal and weekly forecasting

Identify risk and demand earlier than your competition


How Businesses are Using ClimateLens-Monitor to Get Ahead:

Gold Wheat Field And Blue Sky. Sustainable Agriculture, climate proof business.

Case Study

ClimateAi Helps Advanta Climate-Proof its Business from End-to-End

See how ClimateAi helped this leading Australian seed company battle climate change-fueled weather variability.

Harnessing Climate Intelligence for Natural Pest Management with MGK webinar featured image

Downloadable Content

Webinar: Harnessing Climate Intelligence for Natural Pest Management with MGK

MGK is leading the way in the production of a special insecticide active ingredient made from the pyrethrum daisy. In this webinar you'll get the opportunity to hear about MGK's climate resilience journey...

Turn Climate Challenges into Business Opportunities

Climate resilience delivers a triple dividend for businesses: avoided losses, new market opportunities, and social and environmental benefits. Building a climate resilience strategy for your business can accelerate all three. In fact, climate resilience is one of the biggest market (and social) opportunities for companies today. ClimateAi has helped dozens of companies adapt to climate volatility, so we’ve got front-row seats to what works — and what doesn’t.

Check out our 2024 Climate Resilience Playbook for a detailed roadmap and case studies.

ClimateLens Monitor FAQs

Thanks to our proprietary models, we are able to make forecasts up to 6 months in advance with confidence, giving our customers time to act on our insights.

Daily dashboards (next 2 Weeks) are updated daily; weekly dashboards (next month) are updated weekly; monthly dashboards (next 6 months) are updated monthly.

Anyone can receive scheduled reports to their email, regardless of whether they have a ClimateAi account.

ClimateLens Monitor gives insights into a variety of risks, including- max temperature, mean evapotranspiration, mean humidity, mean precipitation, mean soil moisture, mean soil temperature, mean temperature, mean wind speed, min temperature, sum precipitation, and sum solar radiation.