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Get the right product in the right place at the right time–before your competition

Plan for upcoming demand before weather events hit with seasonal climate insights


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Common Demand Planning Challenges

  • Integrating weather and climate insights across siloed teams can complicate data-driven strategic decisions
  • Many forecasts aren’t reliable enough far enough in advance to inform production decisions ahead of time
  • A lack of accurate future demand forecasts can hinder price-setting and contracts that lead to the highest ROI

 ClimateAi’s demand planning tools assess seasonal climate risk from the start of the supply chain, from possible hazards affecting sourcing and production, to weather in end markets. Our ClimateLens platform offers enhanced customizability, accuracy, and actionability from demand planning to supply outlooks, for this season to the coming decades, to optimize cost savings and revenues.



Enable Better Demand Planning with Seasonal Climate Insights

ClimateAi agriculture iconAgribusiness: Get ahead of weather-based market disruptions that create demand for your products

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food and beverage iconFood & Beverage: Optimize production and supply chain management with a deeper understanding of seasonal trends

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shopping cart iconOther Industries: Predict customer demand for products based on existing trends — and emerging climate conditions

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How Climate Insights Helped a Roofing Materials Retailer Come Out on Top After Hurricane Ian

At the start of September 2022, ClimateAi issued a forecast for a large building materials company, assessing the impacts of the upcoming hurricane season on the demand for building materials to inform better supply planning. Fast forward a few weeks — and Hurricane Ian became active and quickly made landfall. See how ClimateAi’s early forecast allowed the company to capitalize on demand — and capture an additional $15 million in sales.

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