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New Product Launch: ClimateLens Monitor Yield Outlook - see regional and location-specific yields on key commodity crops, updated weekly.Learn More

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Future-proof your investment strategy with our industry-leading climate risk assessment tools

From operational asset level decisions to strategic portfolio optimization, ClimateAi delivers investment insights at the time scales, value metrics, and granularity relevant to your portfolio.


ClimateAi’s end-to-end climate resilience platform is designed to generate alpha and provide downside protection anywhere in the investment lifecycle, while working your processes.




Hazard Variables


Better Forecast Accuracy

Companies that Trust Us for Climate-Smart Investment Insights

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Top Solutions for Finance

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Portfolio Management & Asset Diligence

  • Understand asset-specific vulnerability with catastrophe and hazard modeling, from one year to 50 years out
  • Vet potential new assets or sites to derisk investments and maximize long-term returns
  • Analyze overall portfolio viability with granular tools that emphasize business value, not report generation
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Sustainability & ESG

  • Run physical risk scenario analyses across decades and emissions projections for TCFD-aligned reporting with our standard dashboards.
  • Disclose with confidence by leveraging climate models aligned with the IPCC scenarios
  • Ensure your business is taking enough action to avoid current and future regulatory risks
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Water Risk

  • Assess water resource and water availability for key groundwater and surface water resources across investment sites
  • Leverage deep insights from our team of hydrologic and climate experts who specialize in your industry and can inform your long-term strategy
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Extreme weather events like the PNW heat dome and Texas freeze are stark reminders of how climate change can wipe out balance sheets. But at ClimateAi, they are already seeing through their customers how much forecasting and preparation can help before these events and in their day-to-day operations.

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Align with Multiple Stakeholders

Align with all of your stakeholders, from portfolio managers to underwriters to risk teams to credit analysts

Simplify Climate-Driven Analysis

Our automated tools help turn climate risk analysis, from ten to fifty years out, into a simple exercise that works within your processes

Success Stories


Case Study

Global Investment Manager Sees Future Opportunities Through ClimateLens

One of the largest investment managers in the world needed to assess climate and water risk across its global land-focused portfolio.