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Get actionable climate insights with enhanced customizability, granularity, accuracy, and actionability over publicly available and out-of-the-box tools

Build climate resilience across your operations and supply chain with accurate insights and actionable recommendations that will give you a competitive edge​


ClimateAi’s end-to-end climate resilience platform is designed to work across industries and the public sector to help your organization prepare today for the climate disruptions of tomorrow​.




Improved Accuracy


Climate Hazards​

Top Solutions for Other Industries

Public Sector

  • Assess climate-related physical risks and get actionable recommendations to ensure safety, food access, and water availability for all citizens
  • Build climate resilience for infrastructure with predictive climate, agriculture, and water availability insights​
  • Make cost-effective, data-driven decisions about seed and crop production with granular seasonal and long-term forecasts​
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  • Leverage weather-based demand forecasts to keep inventory, distribution, and supply chain costs in check​
  • Get visibility from one day to one year out on your operations and sourcing risks so your team on the ground can get actionable recommendations​
  • Make data-driven decisions on new capital infrastructure investment opportunities and strategy​
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Manufacturing steel in shelves, demand planning without risk

Best risk management platform

Apparel, CPG, & Retail

  • Identify supply constraints and costs ahead of season to lock in better contracts and optimize cost savings and revenues.​
  • Leverage seasonal forecasts to place the right product in the right geography at the right time​
  • Optimize spend, offers, and messaging for weather-driven demand by anticipating customer needs around key weather events​
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  • Manage the risks of high-intensity storms with more accurate extreme weather forecasts, from one month to six months out ​​
  • Understand drought, flood, and other climate hazard risks, either on an asset-specific or portfolio-wide level, to enable a superior risk mitigation strategy for the year + decades ahead​​
  • Assess climate risks to current regions or end markets, in terms of projected energy consumption and utility rates trends, with granular financial outcomes​
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Windmills in a row on cloudy weather. Sustainable energy recourses

Success Stories

roofing contractor working on a customer's roof with accurate hurricane forecast

Case Study

Accurate Hurricane Forecasting Helps Roofing Materials Producer Come Out on Top

See how ClimateAi helped a leading roofing materials producer understand forthcoming demand during hurricane season.