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ClimateAi CEO Himanshu Gupta Named Among Insider’s Top 100 in AI

Hilda Sanchez-Madrigal • October 24th, 2023.

himanshu gupta, climate ai ceo, top 100 in ai

As artificial intelligence (AI) has become a bigger part of the global conversation, it’s raised new hype, hopes, and worries.

Insider’s tech team embarked on a mission to identify the trailblazers behind AI – those building it, shaping it, and ensuring its responsible and ethical development. The team named ClimateAi’s CEO and co-founder, Himanshu Gupta, as one of those trailblazers. They selected Gupta as a top leader in artificial intelligence in “The AI 100 2023: The top people in artificial intelligence,” a recently published roundup.

Gupta and ClimateAi apply AI in a tangible way to help people around the world. Applied AI extends artificial intelligence beyond the laboratory, facilitating the practical implementation of computer and robot systems in real-world scenarios.

Applied Artificial Intelligence to Address Climate Change

One of the most pressing global challenges is climate change. Adaptation is of the utmost importance and urgency in the fight against climate change. The planet’s temperature has risen more than 1°C since pre-industrial times. And even if we were to cease all emissions today, we’re locked into this warming and its impacts for at least the next few decades. We’re already feeling the impacts of climate change on our public health, supply chains, and food security today. Harnessing sophisticated machine learning can accelerate climate resilience, as ClimateAi works to do.

NASA vital signs of the planet climate change
Image via NASA.

Insider’s AI 100 2023 List

Insider’s approach was to recognize those individuals who, through their unique journeys, innovative applications, and responsible practices, are steering artificial intelligence into a brighter future.

insider top 100 ai list
Image via Insider.

Those selected include industry leaders from the biggest tech companies, including Amazon Web Services, Nvidia, Google, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Salesforce.

They also include those in academia and independent research, such as Columbia University/NewYork-Presbyterian, UC Berkeley, the Center for Humane Technology, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Algorithmic Justice League, Distributed AI Research Institute, and Data & Society.

More leaders come from finance and investment, such as Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Visa, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs. Even more come from government, such as The White House and DARPA.

Some tech startup innovators that we’re proud to join include Insitro, Wysa, and more.

So, we’re proud that Himanshu’s work in AI, particularly in the field of climate-tech, has garnered this recognition. (We believe we’re the only company applying AI directly to build climate adaptation on the list.)

AI is becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives. We must ensure that this technology benefits the greater good. At ClimateAi, we’re always striving to innovate and achieve a positive impact through technology.

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