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Go Beyond Building Reports and Start Building Resilience

ClimateAi’s market-leading climate resilience platform creates actionable insights and recommendations based on the risks that matter most to your company


Our AI and machine learning-powered platform allows you to see your business’s climate risks and opportunities within a single tool. Build the right impact models for your unique business context–then our client success team will support you in translating the insights into disclosure language.

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Evaluate Your Supply Chain

  • Filter our comprehensive hazard library by hundreds of variables so you can evaluate the impacts that are most relevant to your business
  • Receive a list of top exposed assets, with actionable next steps
  • Identify the potential supply chain partners that are most exposed and evaluate how hazards will disrupt their operations and cause bottlenecks

Get Support with TCFD-Compliant Reporting

  • Run scenario analyses for TCFD-aligned reporting
  • Evaluate your entire portfolio with simple and intuitive dashboards
  • Dive deeper into an individual location’s exposure

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Ready to see ClimateLens-Assess in action?

Schedule a discovery call today to see how ClimateAi can help your business get a comprehensive understanding of climate risks.

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Why bring weather intelligence to your operations?

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Create a clear roadmap for your climate risk program

Get support with navigating regulatory climate risk frameworks

Reduce risk by making data-informed decisions


How Businesses are Using ClimateLens-Assess to Get Ahead:


Case Study

Global Investment Manager Sees Future Opportunities Through ClimateLens

One of the largest investment managers in the world needed to assess climate and water risk across its global land-focused portfolio.

Green leak onions farm field mitigating climate risk for BASF Case study.

Case Study

Assessing Current and Future Climate Risks–at a Fraction of the Time and Cost

A large multinational corporation with 11 divisions, including agricultural solutions, was noticing an increase in climate volatility.