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Get the Insights You Need to Build a Climate-Proof Strategy

Incorporate asset, portfolio, and supply chain risk analysis in your decision-making today to set your business up for future success.


Our AI and machine learning-powered platform gives you long-term visibility into climate risks and opportunities so you can start adapting your business to tomorrow’s climate challenges today.

Exploratory Tools for Climate Adaptation

  • Track climate tipping points based on changes in the frequency of climate events
  • Evaluate hazard exposure for your global operations
  • Discover future sites through Climate Analogs, with advanced search filters

Climate Risk Modeling

  • Customize hazard profiles and risk impact functions
  • Translate hazard exposure into multiple risk metrics


  • Filter our comprehensive hazard library by hundreds of variables so you can evaluate the impacts that are most relevant to your business
  • Receive a list of top exposed assets, with actionable next steps
  • Identify the potential supply chain partners that are most exposed and evaluate how hazards will disrupt their operations and cause bottlenecks

Ready to see ClimateLens-Adapt in action?

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Why consider climate in your long-term strategic decision making?

Identify risks and opportunities in your supply chain or portfolio

Understand how climate hazards impact your operations and assets

Build an action plan to address risks and protect your investments


How Businesses are Using ClimateLens-Adapt to Get Ahead:

Green leak onions farm field mitigating climate risk for BASF Case study.

Case Study

Assessing Current and Future Climate Risks–at a Fraction of the Time and Cost

A large multinational corporation with 11 divisions, including agricultural solutions, was noticing an increase in climate volatility.

Wonderful Case Study webinar

Downloadable Content

Webinar: The Wonderful Company

See how The Wonderful Company uses climate intelligence to derisk their supply chains