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ClimateAi in the News

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Omdena | Top 22 rising US-based startups using AI for social good

Here are 22 US-based AI companies creating solutions for a better tomorrow; ranging from climate change to healthcare, to cleantech, and more social impact areas.

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The Independent | India looks to coal as power crisis worsens and monsoons arrive

Experts say India’s recurring power shortage is a result of a supply chain problem, not capacity, while slow progress of renewables continues to be a problem.

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Hub Culture | Problem solving food insecurity

Hub Culture's Edie Lush is joined by Himanshu Gupta, CEO & Founder of Climate AI to discuss the global rise of food insecurity due to reasons such as war and climate change. The conversation turns to Climate...

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Agri Investor | Agri Investor Global Awards 2021

For the first time, we take this opportunity to recognize the managers, investors and innovators who pushed the boundaries and had an excellent year in their respective fields across the Americas, Europe,...

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Farm Progress | Forecasting weather, climate far into future goal of startup

The amount of weather data available both publicly and privately is abundant, and one firm is working to make sense of it all to benefit agriculture. ClimateAi is a startup that’s using artificial intelligence...

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Supply and Demand Chain Executive | Meet the 2022 Pros to Know winners

Supply & Demand Chain Executive reveals the winners of the 2022 Pros to Know award, which recognizes outstanding executives whose accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage supply

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Protocol | Should we talk about the weather

ClimateAI worked with researchers at the University of Oxford to use generative adversarial networks “to correct for the biases that exist in current weather models,” it announced last week. Generative...

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ZD Net | How this AI predicts extreme local weather events

A new machine-learning model could increase the accuracy of local weather forecasts, an advancement that could prove especially life-changing for lower income governments and communities. Data scientists...

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Meteorological Technology International | ClimateAi Researchers achieve AI breakthrough in predicting local weather events

California-based ClimateAi, a developer of AI applications for climate risk modeling, has today (March 22) announced that its team has solved a critical weather forecasting challenge by leveraging generative...

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