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Minimize supply chain risks and get ahead of demand with accurate climate intelligence

Get actionable insights that will help you steer clear of weather-related pitfalls, improve inventory planning, and optimize product placement


ClimateAi is the industry-leading climate resilience platform that identifies climate and water risks to your operational sites and supply chains, with customizable risk and hazard profiles and automated alerts that work within your processes


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Companies We Work With Across the Manufacturing Value Chain

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Manage Upcoming Risks

Get visibility from one day to one year out on your operations and sourcing risks so your team on the ground can get actionable recommendations

Vet Long-Term Strategy Decisions

Understand how long-term risks will impact your business to optimize strategy and capital expenditures

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Top Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing steel in shelves, demand planning without risk

Demand Planning

  • Leverage seasonal forecasts to manufacture the right product for the right geography at the right time
  • Have better informed customer conversations and more targeted marketing messaging by anticipating customer needs around key weather events
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  • Leverage our growing library of over 15 hazards, which can be broken down into hundreds of variables, so you can identify the emerging risks that pose the biggest threat to your business
  • Make data-driven decisions on new capital infrastructure investment opportunities and strategy
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Sourcing & Supply Chain

  • Optimize global sourcing strategy through a deep understanding of climate risks in your target markets
  • Inform your supply chain strategy by forecasting weather-caused disruptions to key raw materials and commodities to find alternatives and ensure continuity
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Success Stories

roofing contractor working on a customer's roof with accurate hurricane forecast

Case Study

Accurate Hurricane Forecasting Helps Roofing Materials Producer Come Out on Top

See how ClimateAi helped a leading roofing materials producer understand forthcoming demand during hurricane season.

Pistachios production without risk

Case Study

ClimateAi Helps The Wonderful Company De-Risk Its Supply Chains

See why The Wonderful Company turned to ClimateLens to understand key risks to its seasonal production, across its supply chain, and to future investments.