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Optimize your supply chain strategy with superior forecasting for disruptions to key raw materials and commodities

Uncover key commodity and water risks — from one day to 40 years out


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Common Sourcing & Supply Chain Challenges

  • Increasing volatility in sourcing regions makes proactive supply chain management and identifying new potential sourcing regions difficult
  • Global commodity risks based on extreme weather and water scarcity are growing and introducing greater complexity
  • Insights into these risks aren’t centralized and forecasts aren’t actionable enough to include in strategic plans

ClimateAi’s ClimateLens platform provides granular, actionable climate and water insights that help companies optimize every node of their supply chain by forecasting weather-caused disruptions to find alternatives and ensure continuity

Build Sourcing & Supply Chain Resilience with Climate Insights

food and beverage iconFood & Beverage: Uncover key commodity and water risks for sourcing regions to inform procurement strategy

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wheat iconAgriculture: Optimize global production strategy through a deep understanding of climate risks in your production regions and target end markets

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factory iconManufacturing: Identify the potential supply chain partners that are most exposed and evaluate how hazards will disrupt their operations and cause bottlenecks

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ClimateAi Helps The Wonderful Company De-Risk Its Supply Chains

The Wonderful Company (TWC) was facing new challenges including climate volatility and water shortages that were impacting its financial performance.

The company used ClimateAi’s ClimateLens-Monitor tool to evaluate current and near-term risks at its main production locations, with customizability and granularity. Having access to reliable seasonal yield forecasts enables TWC to make smarter contracting decisions. TWC can identify potential supply shortages or surpluses and adjust their contracting decisions accordingly (i.e. to lock in better prices early). It allows them to optimize their procurement strategies, reduce costs, and manage risk more effectively, ultimately leading to improved profitability and competitiveness.

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