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Build climate resilience with predictive climate, agriculture, and water availability insights

Assess climate-related physical risks and get actionable recommendations to ensure safety, food access, and water availability for all citizens


ClimateAi is the only climate resilience platform that provides deep insights into seasonal and long-term weather, climate, and water risks with customizable impact functions — helping identify which crops and locations are at risk and which areas are emerging as opportunities, for this season and the next century.




Million Acres



Providing Climate Insights to Governments & Organizations Around the World

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Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Get visibility from one day to one year out so your agency on the ground can get actionable recommendations

Future-Proof Infrastructure and Production

Understand which long-term climate and water risks are most dangerous and urgent to agricultural production and infrastructure, from ten to fifty years out

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Find Alternate Locations

Identify new locations to grow your current crops based on emerging climate conditions


If we don’t tackle climate change, over 130 million people will be pushed into poverty over the next 10 years and entire economies will be held hostage to the worst impacts.


Genevieve Connors, World Bank Manager for Advisory and Operations in the Climate Group

Top Solutions for Government & Multi-laterals (NGOs)

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Research and Development

  • Make cost-effective, data-driven decisions about seed and crop production with granular seasonal and long-term forecasts
  • Understand changing climate conditions to enhance climate-proof crop and seed varieties for the future
  • Determine which regions are emerging for crop-specific agricultural production with long-term climate forecasts
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Risk Management

  • Identify emerging risks to infrastructure from over 15 hazards, which can be broken down into hundreds of variables
  • Assess water availability and water risk for local and national watersheds that matter most
  • Identify climate hazards, pest and disease pressure, and water risks, from weeks to years ahead, to key areas of interest
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Drying lake effect of extreme weather and heating wave on summer

Roller rolling fresh hot asphalt on the new road. Accurate climate weather helps planning ahead of constructions.


  • Optimize planning with actionable climate and water forecasts, linked to weather-based demand
  • Boost climate resilience for infrastructure and sustainable agriculture with forecasts of potential climate hazards and water impacts tied to financial impacts
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