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Identify climate hazards before they disrupt your bottom line

Get reliable, actionable climate forecasts to evaluate long-term adaptation measures, anticipate short-term acute events, and quantify value-at-risk


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Common Asset Diligence and Portfolio Management Challenges

  • Evaluating your portfolio climate risk and diving deeper into an individual location’s exposure is difficult without a centralized climate risk platform
  • Forecasts aren’t actionable for companies and don’t translate water and climate hazards into financial impacts to enable them to de-risk long-term investments and operations
  • Existing tools emphasize “report generation” instead of business value and don’t operationalize insights or build confidence in long-term investments

ClimateAi’s award-winning tools enable superior risk management to improve the long-term resilience of physical operations and supply chain through dedicated hazard analysis tools aligned with disclosure requirements.

Improve Your Climate Risk Management with Climate Insights

financeFinance: Our flexible platform allows you to define risk in your own way, break down hazards into simple relationships of intensity and probability, and translate them into impact to your operations or supply chain

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wheat iconAgriculture: Identify emerging water and climate risks to understand how crop suitability is evolving and identify optimal climates for production, from ten to fifty years out

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food and beverage iconFood & Beverage: Understand how climate change impacts your sourcing strategy for key ingredients and inputs, including water — to optimize annual procurement and contracting

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Global Investment Manager Sees Future Opportunities Through ClimateLens

One of the largest investment managers in the world needed to assess climate and water risk across its global land-focused portfolio.

With about $9.7 billion of assets under management and 3 million acres across 600 properties in 10 countries, the team needed a reliable platform that could provide both a deep dive into properties and threats to crops with granular insights as well as one that could conduct a portfolio-wide analysis.

See how the company used ClimateAi’s insights to recognize millions in trading profits for a 17x ROI.

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