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climate strategy

Building Climate Resilience in Your Business: A Three-Step Approach

As the hottest year on record comes to a close, and the United States alone has witnessed 25 confirmed weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each, it's clear that climate...

soybean growing climate change impact

The Curious Case of Soybeans: Sowing Resilience Against Climate Challenges With Technology

In the vast realm of agriculture, the trajectory of soybeans stands out. These small beans, innocuous at first glance, represent a global phenomenon: the struggle between nature's unpredictable forces...

himanshu gupta, climate ai ceo, top 100 in ai

ClimateAi CEO Himanshu Gupta Named Among Insider’s Top 100 in AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) has become a bigger part of the global conversation, it’s raised new hype, hopes, and worries. Insider’s tech team embarked on a mission to identify the trailblazers...

Innovation Technology For Smart Farm System Agriculture Management Hand Holding

Farm Management: Unleashing the Power of Agriculture Software

The problems faced by farmers today are nowhere near similar to those of centuries past. Yes, droughts and floods have always been a risk, but never at such a level. Globalization and the innate interconnectedness...

a worker in a blue uniform, blocks the window of the house with a protective shield made of wood for hurricane preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness for Business: Why Every Company Needs A Strategic Hurricane Plan

In our era of mounting climate challenges, hurricane preparedness (or lack thereof) represents a formidable threat to business continuity. With NOAA's forecast signaling an intensified 2023 hurricane season,...

image of woman in beverage factory sustainable supply chain concept

Bringing Sustainable Supply Chains to the Food and Beverage Industry

Being among the top contributors of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, food and beverage producers around the globe are feeling the heat to create sustainable supply chains and green production methods. Changing...

Climate risk journey graphic with descriptions in a 5 year time frame

Understanding the TCFD Framework & TCFD Reporting Recommendations

The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is an international organization created to improve climate-related financial reporting. TCFD reporting disclosures aim to enhance the understanding...

Software for accurate weather forecasting

Machine Learning Forecasting: How AI is Improving Weather Forecasting

During the seventeenth century, two schools of thought characterized the philosophy of science: deductive reasoning (promoted by Rene Descartes) and inductive reasoning (promoted by Sir Francis Bacon)....

Example image for clean technology

Top Climate Tech Companies To Look Out For In 2023

Climate tech companies are making huge strides in the innovation of sustainable climate technology. Even through the ups and downs of big tech in recent years, climate change tech investments remain strong,...

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