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Developing Resilience to Climate Extremes for Strawberries

Himanshu Gupta • March 3rd, 2020.

With growing seasons in some parts of the state operating year-round, strawberries are fully exposed to the increased risk of extreme weather events. That means growers and agriculture companies relying on historical weather patterns alone could be missing important information for optimal management decisions.

Researchers and industry partners are developing analytical tools to help growers and companies keep their farms profitable by offering insights to help them prepare and adapt to a changing climate.

As Himanshu Gupta and Borna Poursheikhani wrote:

The past decade has brought a barrage of extreme weather patterns that have impacted strawberry yields … Adopting new tools and strategies for more resilient farming operations is essential to continue to support the level of operation needed to meet the ever-increasing need for California strawberries.

  • International strawberry market dynamics
  • How climate has changed strawberry management strategies
  • Are hurricanes a major concern for the Florida strawberry world?
  • Solving the labor shortage

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