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ClimateAi in the News

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Financial Times | MBA graduates take on a green hue as fewer choose fossil fuel careers

According to the research, the proportion of students moving into sustainability-linked careers rose to 0.58 per cent of the total in 2020. Conversely, the figure for those who started jobs with the more...

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Future Farming | How AI can help farmers “climate-proof” their acres

Better AI-driven climate adaptation insights and decision recommendations could help growers to climate-proof their acres and boost productivity in the face of a changing climate. According to ClimateAi,...

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The Hill | Equilibrium/Sustainability — Tesla unveils $1,900 ATV for kids

As businesses focus on how to green their supply chains, they risk leaving out something important: adapting to the coming danger of climate change, Himanshu Gupta, CEO of ClimateAI, told Equilibrium....

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EuroNews | Robert Downey Jr. launches a fund to invest in ‘groundbreaking’ sustainable tech

Actor Robert Downey Jr.’s new investment fund is tackling issues like deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and microplastics. The Iron Man star announced his two new venture capital funds at the World...

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Future Farming | Nutrient technology start-ups to start trials in New Zealand

The Farm2050 Nutrient Trialing Platform aims to identify, validate and demonstrate at scale promising technologies in nutrient management and water contamination reduction across broad acre crops, horticulture...

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GreenBiz | Climate scientists can take this one action to accelerate solutions for climate change

Climate scientists are some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. Their dedication to studying and fighting one of the biggest global challenges of our time — climate change — is inspiring.

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Wall Street Journal | How AI can make weather forecasting less cloudy

AI is already making existing prediction methods more efficient and contributing to increases in the speed and accuracy of forecasting, and it shows promise for tracking the paths of severe weather like...

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Climate Tech VC | Advancing climate tech with AI and Kamala Harris

An extended interview with Himanshu Gupta of ClimateAI, whose AI-driven “Resiliency as a Service” platform helps farmers better predict crop planting in the face of climate change.

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