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The tools you need to plan for the next cold snap, hurricane, or heat wave, and beyond

Granular weather, climate, and water forecasts enable superior risk mitigation and demand planning for the year and decades ahead


ClimateAi is the only climate resilience platform that translates weather forecasts into business impact, with extensive location-specific hazard detection and customizable risk tolerance profiles to reduce uncertainty and losses while proactively seizing emerging opportunities.


Hazard Variables


Better Forecast Accuracy


Forecast Accuracy vs. Historical Averages

Companies We Work With Across the Energy Value Chain

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Get Ahead of Extreme Weather

Manage the risks of high-intensity storms with more accurate extreme weather forecasts, one month to six months out

Predict Climate-Driven Demand

Understand how the frequency and duration of extreme cold snaps are changing to predict future shifts in gas demand, either by location or aggregated regionally, with an outlook up to 2050

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Top Solutions for Energy

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Asset Diligence & Portfolio

  • Ensure adequate infrastructure winterization of assets
  • Forecast projected mean and volatility with a database of global wind assets to improve asset/portfolio/contract pricing strategy
  • Understand drought, flood, and other climate hazard risks, either on an asset-specific or portfolio-wide level
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  • Ensure reliability of electric infrastructure with seasonal and long-term wind speed outlooks
  • Assess climate risks to current regions or end markets, with projected energy consumption and utility rates trends
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Demand Planning

  • Plan for future shifts in gas demand for accurate financial forecasts
  • Forecast wind speed for renewables over 1-10 year horizon for portfolios
  • Understand propane demand forecasts, with layers on baseline demand aggregated over distribution regions on shorter time-scales (e.g. next 14 days)
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