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Sustainability Champions podcast: How ClimateAi’s technology can help ‘climate-proof’ our climate change future

Himanshu Gupta • February 27th, 2023.

Himanshu Gupta on Sustainability Champions

Millions of people worldwide are already experiencing the impacts of climate change in their daily lives. Consider: New data shows that Greenland temperatures are the warmest they’ve been in over 1,000 years. This increase in volatility and extreme weather events poses significant challenges for individuals, governments, and businesses worldwide.

Climate change impacts our water, soil, food, buildings, and more. Thus, adaptation is crucial, and it represents the most important transformation of our time.

Sustainability Champions Podcast: Adapting to Climate Change 

ClimateAi’s CEO and co-founder, Himanshu Gupta, recently went on the Sustainability Champion’s Podcast to discuss how ClimateAi approaches “climate-proofing” the economy while aiming for zero loss of life, livelihoods, and nature. 

Daniel Hartz, climate change champion
Daniel Hartz, Host of Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions is a multi-channel podcast and media platform highlighting the people, ideas, and innovations that are protecting and healing the planet, with daily positive news updates. More than 100,000 people follow the show across social media channels. It’s hosted by Daniel Hartz, the Client Services Lead at Compassionate Carbon, a Subsidiary of Eden Reforestation Projects, which is a carbon project developer creating large-scale forest restoration projects that also alleviate poverty.

As Gupta says, “Whether you reside in Mumbai or California, the effects of climate change are evident in your own backyard. Fortunately, solutions already exist, and each one of us has the ability to make a difference.”

We often fail to recognize the influence of “small contributions” from every individual and the significance of “compounded long-term effects” in comparison to short-term benefits. A remarkable case study is Cape Town, where both the government and residents collaborated to prevent a “day zero” water crisis, where the city would have entirely depleted its water resources.

“What Greta has been able to achieve in terms of driving change both at the corporate level the government level as well as the community level over the last three or four years is a lot,” Gupta says. “Individuals have a lot more power than you realize, and that’s why we think that our efforts would be just a drop in the ocean. I call it a ‘drop in the bucket’ or ‘drop in the ocean challenge.’”

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