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Get Ahead of Climate Volatility with Actionable, AI-Powered Climate Insights

Maximize productivity, increase supply reliability, and discover new opportunities across the food and agriculture value chain

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ClimateLens™: The World’s First Enterprise Climate Resilience Platform for Food & Agriculture

The ClimateLens platform applies AI and patented models to climate and weather data points from multiple sources to generate actionable insights. Users across the food and agriculture value chain can quickly onboard using our rich templates, receive key alerts and insights, and build custom, shareable dashboards within minutes.

Inform in-season actions, adapt your operations, source smarter, and invest confidently–no data science knowledge needed.

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All Models are Not Created Equal

ClimateAi’s forecasts enable businesses to make both short and long-term decisions with confidence. Our patented machine learning and AI-based models dynamically select the right forecast for each location based on historical performance and incorporate novel data points to improve accuracy and extend forecast range.

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ClimateAi is the Leader in Climate Resilience and Adaptation






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Companies that Trust ClimateAi’s Forecasts to Drive Business Decisions

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ClimateAi works with companies across a wide range of industries to build end-to-end climate resilience, from research and development to operations and supply chain.

Stay on Top of Climate Risk Before it Hits Your Bottom Line

Want to learn more about how ClimateAi can make your business more climate-resilient? Let’s have a quick discovery chat.

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The Latest from ClimateAi

News and insights on the intersection between climate and business

Harnessing Climate Intelligence for Natural Pest Management with MGK webinar featured image

Downloadable Content

Webinar: Harnessing Climate Intelligence for Natural Pest Management with MGK

MGK is leading the way in the production of a special insecticide active ingredient made from the pyrethrum daisy. In this webinar you'll get the opportunity to hear about MGK's climate resilience journey...

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CNN | How AI could power the climate breakthrough the world needs

ClimateAi is pioneering an artificial intelligence platform that forecasts climate impacts on crops and locations. In a case study in India, the platform predicted a 30% decrease in tomato output over...

Climate Resilience from Crop to Confection: A 2024 Playbook

Downloadable Content

Webinar- Climate Resilience From Crop to Confection: A 2024 Playbook

In this webinar, we use ClimateAi's ClimateLens platform to highlight the impact of climate change on sugarcane production in a key region. We then reveal our best-in-class framework for managing climate...


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