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ClimateAi in the News

World Economic Forum logo

World Economic Forum | What is climate intelligence – and how can it help address climate change?

Climate intelligence is necessary for companies to more accurately and easily understand their climate risks and opportunities. More governments and regulators must mandate climate risk disclosure, and...

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Seed World | Seed World names 10 most innovative products of 2021

Applicants from across the seed industry recently jockeyed to gain the inaugural honor of being named on of Seed World’s 10 Most Innovative Products of 2021.

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Food Logistics | How climate change demands new paradigm of resiliency over efficiency in food supply chains

Climate change is here, and its impacts on the global food supply chain are already visible. Nations have set ambitious and necessary targets with the Paris Agreement, but with or without it, we’re already...

Global AgInvesting logo

Global AgInvesting | Three ways that climate change is disruptiing traditional ag investing

Currently, traditional portfolio investing relies on making decisions that balance risk and reliability — at the right time. However, climate change urgently threatens to upend this balance by accelerating...

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Connected Technology Solutions | AIM for Climate Announces $193 million in climate-smart agriculture innovation sprints

The ClimateAi team seeks to “climate-proof” 0.5 billion acres around the world by 2024 by deploying AI-driven adaptation tools that boost agricultural productivity despite climate change. ClimateAi’s...

Forbes Logo

Forbes | Could blockchain and AI help prevent deforestation?

Himanshu Gupta CEO of ClimateAi, said climate change is a “big data problem” because there are terabytes of data coming in every day from weather stations. satellites, and sensors on the ground.

ActuIA logo

How climate analytics startups are deploying AI solutions to manage global warming

ClimateAI, a startup founded in San Francisco in 2017, trained its model on the output of long-term climate simulations. The model generates short-term forecasts – useful for identifying risks for the...

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VC News Today | ClimateAi Achieves $12M Series A Funding

ClimateAi, a climate-based artificial intelligence company, closed a $12 million Series A round led by Radical Ventures. ClimateAi, a climate-based artificial intelligence company, secured a $12 million...

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Axios | Climate modeling firm ClimateAi raises $12 million in Series A funding

There’s a new entrant into the increasingly crowded climate change risk management space. ClimateAi, a firm that applies artificial intelligence to climate modeling to create business insights, announced...

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