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Get advance insight into your customers’ climate-dependent buying habits

Improve your margins with actionable forecasts that tie in climate factors, historical demand, macroeconomic data, and POS sales data.


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Common Sales & Marketing Challenges

  • Climate volatility makes anticipating customer needs more difficult
  • Unreliable subseasonal forecasts don’t inform product placement to maximize sales
  • Without weather-adjusted sales data, teams don’t have a clear picture of true performance

ClimateAi’s industry-leading customizable forecasts enable companies across industries to improve product placement strategy, optimize spend and messaging, and have better informed customer conversations around key weather events.

Enhance Sales & Marketing Strategy with Climate Insights

wheat iconAgriculture: Leverage seasonal forecasts to place the right product in the right geography at the right time — with more time to plan and execute targeted campaigns

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building iconBuilding Materials: Anticipate customer needs around key weather events to capture additional sales

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shopping cart iconApparel/CPG/Retail: Inform seasonal product placement strategy with accurate, actionable short-term forecasts that help optimize spend, offers, and messaging

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ClimateAi Helps Advanta Climate-Proof its Business from End-to-End

Advanta needed more actionable insights that could help it determine market size and find optimal markets to target for the coming years. It wanted to understand demand for the next year and years ahead for Advanta products, and how the geographies in which they sell today will evolve, to ensure sustainable future sales markets. ClimateAi’s ClimateLens-Enterprise platform allowed Advanta to understand key risks to sales territories.

ClimateAi’s highly accurate predictive modeling identified an unexpected precipitation event two months out in a key location before any other tools. As a result, Advanta was able to bag and transport seed there before its competitors — and proactively organize marketing spend around it — with the faster time-to-market leading to a 5-10% sales increase.

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