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At ClimateAi we are pioneering the use of artificial intelligence to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time: The Climate Crisis.

Please apply if you are passionate about using your skills to help the world become more climate-resilient!


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What is it like to work at ClimateAi?

  • 100% remote work, unless you live in or near San Francisco, CA or Queretaro, Mexico and would like to go into the office there. We also have regional meet-ups when possible + weekly virtual gatherings.
  • Best-in-class health benefits plus 401k
  • Unlimited paid vacation
  • Generous and flexible parental leave policy
  • Work from home and laptop budgets
  • Culture of transparency and honest feedback at all levels
Our Values
Trust & Transparency
Trust & Transparency
We build trust with our colleagues, customers, investors, and partners by operating transparently in all facets of our work.
Customer Obsession
Customer Obsession
With every action we take - from Sales to HR to Engineering - we ask, “How will this create value for our customers?
Teaming to Win
Teaming to Win
We win as a team, not as individuals. We judge ourselves by outcomes (not just process), but if we fail, we learn from our mistakes.
Inclusivity and Respect
Inclusivity and Respect
We cultivate an environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves, and there is zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or disrespect.
We work to eliminate silos between departments and foster cross-collaboration. When in doubt, we communicate or ask again!
Micro Entrepreneurship
Micro Entrepreneurship
We act like owners, question the status quo, and handle challenges quickly and creatively.
We strive to give feedback that is immediate, direct, and specific, and travels in all directions. We celebrate learning through failure.
Superhuman but Still Human
Superhuman but Still Human
We are highly passionate about our mission and work hard to achieve it, but we need to know when to slow down and ask for support.

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Cloud Engineer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Remote Sensing Data Scientist North America - Remote
Sr. React Developer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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